I’m Martika Brianne Jones.
Your Entrepreneur in Residence.

Helping Founders

With a rich background in entrepreneurship and a visionary approach to innovation, I am eager to contribute to the thriving community here at Soaring City Innovation Partnership. My journey has been shaped by a deep commitment to community engagement, economic development, and innovative business practices, and I am thrilled to bring my expertise to support and mentor the next generation of founders.

In my new role, I aim to leverage my experience to drive initiatives that promote innovation, entrepreneurship, infrastructure, and business development. My goal is to provide guidance, share knowledge, and work closely with founders to help them overcome challenges, avoid common pitfalls, and build successful businesses.

About Me

I am the founder and CEO of BUP, a company that stands at the intersection of innovation and community impact. My career has been marked by a dedication to fostering economic growth and supporting local businesses. I have been a part of the Soaring City community, participating in the inaugural Business Accelerator cohort, which has provided me with valuable insights and a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape here.

Currently, I am honored to take on the role of Entrepreneur in Residence at Soaring City Innovation Partnership. I am excited to work alongside a team of dedicated professionals, contribute to the development of a comprehensive local entrepreneurship ecosystem, and engage in meaningful work that strengthens the bonds between public and private sectors, expands educational opportunities, and promotes workforce development. Together, we will build on the solid foundation laid by my predecessor, Brian Alvarez-Bailey, and work towards creating a vibrant, supportive, and innovative community for all entrepreneurs.


CEO & Founder
Loom Co.
Co-Founder, Tampa