2023 Winter Cohort

Start Date: 11/01/2023
End Date: 01/17/2024

Hours Per Week

Ideation Focused

Powered by the Sparkway Product Accelerator and Ignite Startup Accelerator from the Idea and Innovation Factory, the Soaring City Venture Development Studio 2023 Winter Cohort supports three outcomes.

Building a Team

We equip founders to build and inspire their founding team, setting the stage for collaborative innovation and growth.
Raising Your First Check

We prepare founders to raise their first check ($10,000 to $15,000) in order to fund the next phase of their development.
Creating a Presence

We train founders to amplify their startup visibility, helping them create market presence with customers and investors.

Sparkway by TIIF - Our Product Accelerator

Our 2023 winter cohort will benefit from product acceleration to go from 0 to ready for prototype funding!

Feature List

With our guidance, you'll craft a comprehensive feature list, ensuring clear communication of your product's functionality to stakeholders.
Preliminary Design & Wireframes

Together, we'll create preliminary designs and wireframes, providing a visual foundation for your product and aligning expectations across your team.
Tech Stack Consideration

We'll assist you in navigating the tech landscape, helping you select the most suitable stack for your product’s long-term success.
Dependencies & Constraints Analysis

Identifying potential roadblocks early, we'll collaborate to develop a realistic development timeline, mitigating risks and ensuring smoother progression.
Landing Page

With your guidance, we will develop an impactful landing page that will help in capturing early user interest and aid in the start of building a customer base even before launch.
Product Development Roadmap

With our support, you'll create a clear and strategic product development roadmap, laying out the steps to take your idea to market efficiently.
Branding Kit

Guided by your input, we will develop a strong, cohesive brand identity, ensuring consistency and a compelling presence across all customer touchpoints.
Outreach Automation

Implementing strategic outreach automation, especially in investor relations, we’ll ensure you save time while maximizing outreach opportunities.
Marketing Automation

Leveraging our tools and knowledge, we'll set up automated marketing systems to build an engaged list of potential customers, ready for your launch.

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