2023 Winter Cohort

Start Date: 11/01/2023
End Date: 01/17/2024

Hours Per Week

Ideation Focused

Powered by the Sparkway Product Accelerator and Ignite Startup Accelerator from the Idea and Innovation Factory, the Soaring City Venture Development Studio 2023 Winter Cohort supports three outcomes.

Building a Team

We equip founders to build and inspire their founding team, setting the stage for collaborative innovation and growth.
Raising Your First Check

We prepare founders to raise their first check ($10,000 to $15,000) in order to fund the next phase of their development.
Creating a Presence

We train founders to amplify their startup visibility, helping them create market presence with customers and investors.

Ignite by TIIF - Our Startup Accelerator

Our 2023 winter cohort will benefit from startup acceleration in support of growing a scalable business!

Market Insight and Strategy

With our guidance, you will learn how to perform a competitive analysis, conduct customer research, create unique selling propositions (USPs), and formulate value propositions, helping you gain a strong grasp of your market and effectively position your startup for success.
Market Size and Growth Potential

We'll help you understand and articulate the potential size and growth of your target market, providing you with the frameworks and skills needed to impress early-stage angel investors and confidently communicate your business’s potential.
Go-to-Market Strategy

You'll develop a clear go-to-market strategy, understanding how to take your product to market and attract your initial customer base, with a particular focus on strategies suited to startups in the ideation stage.
Legal and Regulatory Guidance

We’ll provide you with the knowledge and resources to navigate the legal and regulatory landscape, ensuring that you can form the right legal entity for your venture and comply with regulations as you prepare to raise funds.
Team and Organizational Structure

You'll learn how to identify potential co-founders and build an attractive team structure, ensuring that your startup is well-positioned to attract talent, even when monetary compensation is not an immediate option.
Funding Strategy

We'll guide you through the various funding options available for your initial fundraising round, helping you develop a strategy to raise between $10,000 - $12,000 from friends, family, and angel investors.
Investor Asset Preperation

You will create essential fundraising assets, including a pitch deck, a look book, and an elevator pitch, tailored for engaging with friends, family, and angel investors, and organized within an easily accessible data room.
Investor Relations and Communication

We’ll teach you strategies for investor outreach and communication, including the use of forward emails, data rooms, and investor update emails, ensuring you can build and maintain strong relationships with potential investors.
Financial Projections and Use of Funds

You will learn how to create high-level financial projections and articulate how funds will be used, demonstrating a clear understanding of your business model and financial needs to early-stage investors.

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