SCIP Venture Development Studi!

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2 Accelerators. 1 Studio. 0 Cost

Our venture studio uniquely integrates two distinct accelerators, providing a comprehensive and unparalleled program. We offer extensive business development support and product development assistance exclusively tailored for early-stage companies led by underserved founders. All at no cost to our participants!
Strategic Business Development
Team Building and Networking
Capital Readiness
Product Blueprinting and Development
Scaling Through Technology

Why We Launched A Venture Development Studio

We believe that innovation drives economic growth, startups foster innovation. Our venture development studio helps founders turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses.
Economic Vitality
Supported by our community partners, Soaring City lends coordination and support for programs designed to address the root causes of generational poverty in Uptown’s core neighborhoods.
Workforce Development
We aim to support organizations that will grow to serve thousands, contribute to the local economy, and increase local workforce demand.

What we do

Serving the approximately 46000+ people who call uptown home

Soaring City brings together an unprecedented array of institutions, companies, and government forces that unleash the potential of the Uptown corridor, elevating the community so that every resident can enjoy the promise of equality, prosperity, and a resilient community.

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